goldenhead (goldenhead) wrote,

Китайский ответ Диснею

Там вот чего снимают, и судя по аннотации, это больше достойно внимания.
насколько я понимаю, снимают по графическому роману, начальные главы вроде есть на английском.
Mulan Has No Older Brothers / Mulan Renewal 木兰无长兄
After Mulan returns home, she is ostracized due to both racism and sexism. How will she start life anew and find her self worth in times of peace? This story is unique in that it has a very weak romance line that isn’t central to the plot. The drama is co-produced by CKF Pictures, the team behind last year’s well-received Tientsin Mystic 河神.

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